About Simulation Engineering

Simulation Engineering has been involved in process engineering, process simulation and training of engineers in simulation and engineering for over thirty years in the oil & gas, oil refining, oil sands, petrochemical, chemical, and food processing industries.We have worked with many customers in many different countries around the world.

Recent Consulting, Project & Training Experiences

Several large steady-state and dynamic simulation developments including potash and specific oil sands projects:

Development of models of the dry & wet crushing, hydroseparation and flotation, slimes thickening and crystallization areas for a P&ID reviews with the client then for use in testing the DCS and for the plant OTS.

Technical lead in development of the froth treatment section of a new oil sands operating training simulator for validation of process and controls designs with the client.

Supervision and revision of a large multi-train dynamic model of a new oil sands froth treatment for DCS staging & testing and then operator training.

Development of a steady-state simulation model for the same entire oil sands plant for validation of design of both process and utility systems.

Consulting, research and training services including:

Consulting work investigating reduction of energy consumption for a slag drying process in a cement production facility.

Research into improving and tuning thermodynamic models for LNG plants, in particular focussing on high pressure stabilisation towers and the models for these towers.

Research into identifying and modelling azeotropic mixtures of refrigerants including tuning of thermodynamic models.

Development and running of Natural Gas, Refrigeration and LNG process engineering workshops in Perth, Australia.

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Improving reality through simulation to create more efficiency, control and revenue.

Earlier Consulting, Project & Training Experiences

Oil sands:

Several large steady-state and dynamic simulation developments using IDEAS for specific oil sands projects:
• Dynamic simulation models of the froth treatment and solvent recovery areas of the Albian Sands simulator used for DCS staging & testing and operator training.
• Initial dynamic models for the froth treatment areas for the CNRL oil sands simulator.
• Complete site steady-state model of the original Fort Hills oil sands project for validation of design of both process and utility systems then revision of the model considering a new froth treatment process.
• Initial dynamic models for the froth treatment areas for the Fort Hills dynamic oil sands plant simulator for P&ID and controls design and review purposes.
• Supervision and partial design of the steady-state model for the Synenco Northern Lights oil sand project.
• Assistance in revising and upgrading large steady-state models of the Jackpine plants.

Oil Refinery

Development of

• a steady-state hydrotreater model using Pro/II for engineering and plant monitoring purposes for a plant in Europe.
• various steady-state and dynamic waste water treatment models using ESP Process for clients in several locations around the world.
• models of FCCU overhead systems with specific attention to the aqueous chemistry involved in these systems using ESP Process for a refinery in Europe.
• models of oil refinery unit operations such as crude and vacuum distillation and related heat exchange trains using simulators and exchanger design packages for use by the refinery customers in improving their operations for refineries in Benelux.
• multiple alkanolamine plant models using VMGSim for flue gas treatment studies for a client in Japan.

Natural Gas & Oil Production

• Design and testing of a specific object in IDEAS for use in a compressed natural gas storage and transportation system then design of and teaching training courses related to use of the module.
• Creation of steady-state models using VMGSim of gas plants with condensate stabilisation and turbo-expanders and light hydrocarbon product distillation.
• Detailed investigation into scaling of an offshore MDEA plant after seawater ingress.
• Detailed simulation of an offshore platform to mitigate calcium napthenate deposition.
• a steady-state model using VMGSim for use in on-line product and cost allocation in an offshore oil & gas production system in the Gulf of Mexico.
• creation of model and interface system for the entire Ekofisk production system for production forecasting and product allocation.

Dairy and Other Industries

Development of

• dynamic simulation models using IDEAS for staging & testing of DCS systems for dairy plants which process, pasteurise and separate raw milk into milk and cream products in the UK.
• a dynamic model using TMODS of the front end of a PET plant in Europe including the air compression and vapour and emissions reduction system.
• Detailed investigation into scaling in a mineral solution evaporator system.


Development and running of

• multiple customised training courses in Malaysia for oil & gas, refining, turbo gas plant, gas treatment, ethylene, methanol and general process engineering groups.
• multiple training courses in aqueous process simulation for various groups of engineers and chemists in many industries.